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HardCoat-2G Glass Scratch Protection Overview HardCoat-2G Glass Scratch Protection Data Sheet Anti-Graffiti Film Overview

Anti-Graffiti Film

Overview Sheet

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 New Scratch Resistant Coating


Glass Surfaces Protected from Scratching, Abrasions, Cuts and Mineral Deposits


Up until now, coatings have been mostly used as a water repellent. HardCoat-2G is the next generation that aggressively protects glass. Spectacular new treatment makes glass so slippery most cutting tools can’t scratch it.


Now you can protect your glass from cuts and scratches and avoid costly replacement. Read the direct quote to the right from a recent customer.  New formula takes nano-technology to a new level.  It acts as a durable barrier that prevents scratches by most tools. Head and shoulders above existing coatings that repel water; this coating stops most vandalism.


How Does It Work?

The invisible coating fills the microscopic peaks and valleys in glass and bonds with the surface. It is so hard that all tools with a hardness less than 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale are blocked from harming the window, mirror or display case.



HardCoat-2G is invisible and permanent.




We have HardCoat on our windows. All I can say is WOW!


I went at the glass with a rock, a key and a razor. They just slipped off the glass like butter on a hot skillet.


No matter how much I kept rubbing the rock back and forth against the glass it left no mark. In fact the he rock started to break up on the glass and I still couldn't see any scratches being left behind.


I looked at the glass from the front and from behind, and there wasn't a single scratch!


I'm very impressed.

HardCoat-2G Scratch Resistance Mohs Scale

Resistant to cutting tools < 8 on Mohs Hardness Scale

Comparison of HardCoat-2G Glass Protection and Anti-Graffiti Film

How do I choose the right glass protection?

Glass Protection - HardCoat-2G & Anti-Graffiti Film


Overview Sheet


Data Sheet

FAQ - HardCoat-2G

  • Q.  Should I use Film or Hard Coat to protect my glass?


    That really depends on the type of damage you have.  If you have a lot of scratches in the glass then HardCoat is highly recommended.  If you have a lot of acid on your glass then Film may be a better choice.  Talk with your estimator and discuss the benefits of each.

  • Q.  My glass was just repaired, do I need to put protection on the glass?

    There are many factors that need to be considered.  Sometimes it is better to have the glass repaired in the future rather than apply protection. BUT, those cases are few and far apart.


    When considering putting protection on your glass you need to figure how much glass you have and how often the taggers hit your area.  If you have a large area of windows and only very small tags a few times a year it is cheaper have them repaired and then apply protection to the glass.  If you are in a high tag area or you have a moderate amount of windows,  protection is highly recommended.


    The BEST thing to do is get a quote for the protection at the same time you are quoted for repair and you can decide what is best for you ---There are cost saving if you decide to bundle the services.

  • Q.  I had a graffiti coating put on my building and the walls were tagged last night,

         now what do I do?


    The benefit of a graffiti coating is that you can now remove the tag with no special equipment.  There is a release agent that you can purchase and spray on the tag.  The release agent will soften the tag, wipe the tag off with a rag, and then wash off the area with clean water.


    And if you do not want to deal with it you can always call us and we will happily assist you with the removal.


  • Q.  If I put a anti-graffiti coating on my wall will that prevent people from tagging my wall?


    Graffiti coating will not prevent people from tagging your wall.  What it will do is make the removal easier.


  • Q.  I have graffiti coating on my wall and I just used the releasing agent to remove a tag,

         Does the coating need to be reapplied?


    There are sacrificial and non-sacrificial coatings.  We use non-sacrificial coatings. As long as the coating had enough time to fully cure and you did not use an abrasive, the coating can take may removal cleanings.

  • Q.  Does HardCoat prevent all graffiti?

    No glass protection product will prevent all graffiti.  HardCoat resists most scratching tools from damaging your glass.  HardCoat does not prevent acid attacks, but acid graffiti usually can be easily removed.  If acid-etching is mostly prevalent in your area, anti-graffiti film may be your best choice.


  • Q.  Can I use HardCoat on Plexiglas?

    No, HardCoat is only effective on glass.  It is not effective on fibreglass, Plexiglas -- Any and all plastics.

  • Q.  If I put HardCoat on existing scratches, will it fill in the scratch?


    'Fraid not.  HardCoat works on the microscopic level and is not viscus enough to "fill in" existing scratches.  In fact, it will not be effective on any window with existing scratches.  You must have any existing scratches removed before application.

  • Q.  How do I clean HardCoat?


    'Be sure NOT to use any cleaner with VINEGAR - or any acidic cleaning agent.  HardCoat is damaged by acid.  Check your cleaner before using it on HardCoat.  See the cleaning instructions.

Where Else Can I Use HardCoat?


HardCoat-2G is not just for windows.  Think about vulnerable glass you prefer to protect.

  • Deli Cases
  • Display Cases
  • Your Smart Phone
  • Mirrors - public restroom mirrors
  • Aquariums
  • Solar Panel glass
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Glass Wall Tiles
  • Shower Doors
  • Entry Doors
  • Automobile Windows
  • Elevator Glass
  • Glass in a public seating area



Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film — also known as  sacrificial film — is a proven solution to cost-effectively reduce acid etch damage. These specially designed films, nearly invisible once installed, provide a removable, sacrificial surface that can protect against most acid graffiti.


Anti-Graffiti Film

Multilayer super-clear anti-graffiti film is designed to minimize vandalism by helping to protect glass and mirrors from permanent damage.  Tagging can be removed by simple cleaning while surface scratches and gouging requires film replacement; the glass itself usually remains undamaged.


6-Mil Anti-Graffiti Film

Film is consistently distortion-free, and without the yellowish hue common to many other safety films on the market.

  • 6 mils thick means extra protection against gouging and deep scratches — the thicker the film the greater the protection of the surface underneath.
  • Resists ink, paint, scratches/gouges, and acid etching.
  • Applied to an exterior surface, it will last for some time and then break down due to UV radiation exposure. In many anti-graffiti applications, the film is expected to be damaged in service prior to any film breakdown due to UV exposure.
  • Flexible multilayer construction
  • Limited hold on broken glass
  • Excellent UV block


Life of the Film

In practice, there is a large variation in the conditions that exterior films are exposed to. Factors that influence exterior film life include film quality, intensity of direct solar exposure, quality of edge-sealing, and pollution. In some situations, exterior films will last well beyond their warranty periods. But in other situations, at the end of the warranty period a facility manager will want to make plans to remove and replace their exterior films based on aesthetics.


Depending on the film used and the window it is applied to, exterior films should last anywhere between 3 and 7 years. The anti-graffiti film is guaranteed not to crack or peel for 2 years by the manufacturer.


Installers are bonded, insured, licensed.



Anti-Graffiti Film

FAQ - Anti-Graffiti Film


  • Q.  Once I put anti-graffiti film on my glass will my glass be protected forever?



    No, you will not be protected forever.  Anti-graffiti film does have a life span and will breakdown over time (4-5 years).  Film is a sacrificial product.  That means is that it will scratch.  When it is damaged you will need to have the film peeled and replaced.  The benefit is that with a quality film most tagging tools will not reach the glass.


  • Q.  I had anti-graffiti film applied to my glass.  After cleaning there is a scratch

         haze on the glass.  How did that happen?


    When cleaning Anti-graffiti film you need to be careful that you do not use any abrasive products.  In this case the film is permanently damaged and will need to be replaced.  Download cleaning instructions for anti-graffiti film.

  • Q.  How do I clean anti-graffiti film?


    Do not clean your windows within 30 days of the installation. Waiting at least 30 days

    helps secure the adhesive’s curing process.


    Cleaning Solutions

    • Do not use ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning solutions to clean any window film product. An effective and economical cleaning solution for window film is 1/2 ounce of liquid dish soap added to 1 quart of fresh water.


    Cleaning Materials

    • A clean, soft cloth or a clean, synthetic sponge is recommended for washing the window film, followed by another clean, soft cloth or appropriate rubber squeegee for drying.
    • Never use abrasive materials to clean your film. Do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges, cheap paper towels, or any other cleaning materials that could scratch the film.
    • Some brands of paper towels are coarse enough to put fine scratches into the film.
    • While these scratches might be too thin to see initially, over time they can damage the polished look of the film.
    • Always use clean, soft, gentle materials to wash and dry your window film.


    Cleaning Tips

    • Plan to clean your windows on a cool, cloudy day, or before the windows become too hot. Heat means streaking.
    • Avoid wearing rings and other hand or wrist jewelry while cleaning your windows. The window film is fairly tough, but jewelry can scratch it.


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